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Can Birmingham get over its low self-esteem?

David Sher

One hundred years from now, when historians write the history of Birmingham, 2013 will be the year they say changed everything.

Birmingham’s been called the “City of Perpetual Promise.”  We’ve been described as the “Magic City” at our zenith and as the “Most segregated city in America” at our low point.

We’ve always been a great place to live, but not a great city.  2013 will be the year Birmingham begins its long-hard journey to become that great city. Continue reading Can Birmingham get over its low self-esteem?

How badly is the Univ. of Ala. hurting Birmingham?

I graduated from U of A, love Bama football, and wish I could be paid a dollar every time I yell, “Roll Tide!”

Many of my friends are just like me; except the ones that do that “War Eagle” thing.  Living in Birmingham is all about the Tide and the Tigers.

I believe it’s written in our State Constitution  Continue reading How badly is the Univ. of Ala. hurting Birmingham?

Birmingham’s back–tell the world

Regions Field first night fireworks

We need your help.

We’d like you to take action.

Do you know what’s really wrong with Birmingham?

We concentrate on our shortcomings and don’t celebrate our victories.

A funny thing happened while we were wallowing in self-pity. Continue reading Birmingham’s back–tell the world

Birmingham is in the center of my heart

The Hess Camellia Garden at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The year 1999 was painful for me and my family.  My wife, Ina-Mae, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is located here in Birmingham.  And I’m absolutely convinced Ina-Mae would not have survived without UAB.

Patients come from all over the world to visit UAB.  When Ina-Mae registered with doctors at Kirklin Clinic, nurses seemed genuinely surprised we lived almost in walking distance. Continue reading Birmingham is in the center of my heart

How can we have UAB and suck?


UAB has an annual  economic impact of  $4.6 billion

When our Chamber of Commerce (BBA) visited Charlotte in 2004, we were greeted by the President of the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Charlotte’s a city on fire, but the first words out the President’s mouth were, “We don’t have anything like UAB.”

Can you believe a great city like Charlotte is jealous of us? Continue reading How can we have UAB and suck?

Nashville spits on Birmingham

Nashville has grown to be the fourth largest city in the Southeast


Up until a few years ago, our Chamber of Commerce (currently BBA), organized a trip of community leaders and politicians to visit other cities.  They were called the “BIG Trips,” and the purpose was to learn what works in other communities.

The Chamber over a seven year period visited St. Louis (2002), Baltimore (2003), Charlotte (2004), Nashville (2005), Pittsburgh (2006), Denver (2007, and Austin (2008).

We found these trips to be fascinating.  We heard about successes and we heard about failures, but it opened our eyes to the possibilities. Continue reading Nashville spits on Birmingham