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Possible subject matter:

  • How our Birmingham region might better collaborate?
  • What’s great about our Birmingham region?
  • What’s unique about metro Birmingham?
  • What’s broken in our Birmingham region—how can we fix?
  • Ideas to move us forward
  • Interesting story or stories about growing up in Birmingham
  • How the State of Alabama is impacting Birmingham


  • Word document (Not Adobe PDF)
  • a jpg head shot–minimum size 400X400 (make sure you have permission from photographer)
  • a short two or three sentence bio
  • e-mail to David Sher at
  • Feel free to call David at 205-222-7775 to discuss


  • Preferably under 1,000 words (600-800) words ideal)
  • Short paragraphs–plenty of white space improves readability since many people view on smart phones or tablets

Please note:

  • Not all pieces  accepted because of abundance of submissions.
  • Can’t guarantee publication date.
  • Reserve right to approve content.
  • No previously published pieces (or pieces submitted to other publications)
  • ComebackTown will determine title–though you are welcome to suggest
  • We provide no editing or proof  reading
  • Not appropriate to promote business or events
  • Guest columnist agrees submission can be republished in any and all media including and Birmingham Business Journal.
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53 thoughts on “Guest columnist”

  1. *Gene, I support you thoughts, after all you are the Michael Jordan of successful events in promotions here in Birmingham and that is saying a lot.  Help move the thinking of this Birmingham away from the past history of our City.

  2. What are we going to do about improving race relations in our city?There is not enough attempts by the leaders of our city to promote events or programs to address issues that continue to separate the people of such a diverse,unlimited potential,metro area.Why has Nashville,Jacksonville,and Charlotte,figured it out,and we struggle to even have a viable transit system,among other things.It all goes back to ,all people, working together to move us toward greatness.


  3. *Great question Michael. I see no one attempted to respond, but I will 5 months later. Birmingham Natives looks at things as black or white and that’s wrong because general that is the way it is. How to solve? Improve the economic growth of minority and support their success. The success of the minority group will produce a ripple effects to the entire community.  Open up the channels for resources to make an idea be an “Amos Cookie”.  Keep in mind the projects produce employment and the good or idea is unique and supported by everyone.  There is more where this is coming from.


  4. *Gene why don’t you manage the Fair Park/Crossplex Complex and get the activities in there that would foster businesses coming to us for our venue.  That would stimulate demand thus expanded the development of the Complex and the entire Western Section of Birmingham?  You are good at it, Just Do IT, Nothing happens when one does not advertise as well as global marketing.

  5. Agree with Michael however just by proclaiming that Nashville, Jacksonville and Charlotte have ‘figured it out’ tell us nothing. Just what precisely have they ‘figured out’?  If you can be specific, those issues can intelligently be addressed and compared to the Magic City

  6. *Nashville, Jacksonville, and Charlotte have consolidated county/city government.  They have one vision with everyone working together.  We have 35+ municipalities who are all working against one another.

  7. *If you look at the timing of Charllote, Nashville and Jacksonville beginning their move to their present status you will find that it began with the formation of a metropolitan form of government. Just as the tipping point in getting UAB football reinstated was a dedicated group of INFLUENTIAL and POWERFUL business leaders stepping forward and making their views and wishes know it will take such a push from the “power structure” to move Birmingham in the direction of metro government.

  8. We have something unique here in Birmingham that in 15 short years has not only positively affected our whole county but the whole state and beyond. Church of the Highlands has grown from meeting in a high school cafeteria to 14 campuses with 40,000 members, and we have no debt! The crown jewel is the Dream Center in the old Woodlawn fire station across from Woodlawn High School, which houses one of the church campuses. The Dream Center works with the community to provide many needs including a free medical clinic. My point is improving relations from marriage to race to government starts with a heart change in the individual, which comes from God. Perhaps another resource consultant could be Pastor Chris Hodges. He has a very good relationship with city hall and since our church is now the 2nd largest in the country I’m sure he has learned a few things along the way.*

  9. Great article, many people do not see or appreciate the opportunities here in Birmingham and leave searching for greener grass. Upon comparison they see often what they were searching for is what they left in Birmingham. I’ve always seen the greener grass even when it was not as green, I knew the potential was here and decided to live a Birmingham slogan that, ‘You don’t have to leave to live in a better neighborhood ‘. We just have to be committed and willing to be part of positive change.

  10. Not to mention there’s 35 different ways of doing even the simplest things. The one thing that 34 of the cities within Jefferson County all share in common. They all have a hate and disdain for Birmingham that is unreasonable, because without Birmingham, they could not make it. Another big problem when there are so many municipalities is it deepens the divide between the haves and the have nots. Property tax percentages in Vestavia will bring in significantly more money than the same tax percentages will garner from Midfield.
    Now, I am a person that calls it as I see it. There was a time when there were really only two main forces running things in Jefferson County – Birmingham and the Bessemer Cut-off. These two never have played well with others. It boggles my mind as to why these suburban areas did not see this. When these Cityhood Elections came up, the rhetoric was, “Vote Yes for a better life.” There’s also the usual things about the future of the children. Today, the lines for the Bessemer Cut-off are so blurred that it’s difficult to know where it begins and ends.
    Thing is, the more you chop up a pie the less pie there is to serve. I feel that the fact that there are too many different municipalities for Jefferson County to be able to foster new growth.
    Believe me, the last thing I want to see is any form of downturn happen in either Birmingham or Atlanta. However, currently in Jefferson County, there are 34 separate cities. This means everything is carved up 34 ways, One thing is certain, with the possible exceptions of Bessemer and Hoover, none of the other 32 cities surrounding Birmingham would have anything close to the standard of living these cities have become accustom. Perhaps time has come for these suburb cities to give thanks that Birmingham has continued to fight the hard fight, and perhaps even join Birmingham and I don’t know – work together???? What a concept.

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