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Birmingham has done it again!

It’s one of those things we take for granted living in our Birmingham region.

It’s an important quality of life issue—one we seem to take for granted.

We may be at the bottom of many lists, but this one—we excel.

The idea for this piece came in the form of an e-mail…

“David, todays bham news….Mayor in shootout , Katapodis appeal denied, and Malzahn new auburn coach…that’s our front page headlines….buried on page 8 or so….the REALLY GOOD NEWS Continue reading Birmingham has done it again!

Does Birmingham suck with no daily newspaper?

(Since this piece will be published on al.com, I make the following disclosure:  I receive no pay from Advance Media or al.com;  al.com does not edit or influence my content in any way–they allow me to write any dumb thing I want)

I’m a big advocate for our Birmingham region, so I’m constantly bombarded by folks bemoaning the death of our daily newspaper. They seem to be genuinely embarrassed.

But with today’s technology the old business model makes no sense:

• Cut down millions of trees

• Process into paper

• Ship to publishers

• Print

• Sort for distribution

• Deliver Continue reading Does Birmingham suck with no daily newspaper?

Four unsettling comments

The Birmingham News convened a panel of community leaders to discuss the future of Birmingham


The Birmingham News convened a panel of community leaders in April of 2011 to discuss the future of Birmingham.  Included were corporate CEO’s, non-profit professionals, and top political leaders.

Each panelist made his/her remarks and then questions or comments were solicited from the audience. Continue reading Four unsettling comments