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Birmingham is surprisingly awesome

Rotary Trail--Birmingham is surprisingly awesome
Rotary Trail–Birmingham is surprisingly awesome (Photo courtesy of Rotary Club of Birmingham)

Surprisingly Awesome is my favorite podcast.  Each episode explores topics that would put most people to sleep, but the show makes boring topics interesting and fun.

Subjects like pigeons, mold, or concrete become fascinating.

Birmingham, Alabama would be the perfect topic for the show.

Birmingham may sound boring—but Birmingham is Surprisingly Awesome. Continue reading Birmingham is surprisingly awesome

The fairy tale story of Ray Watts and UAB football

Drawing Aly Martin-6 years old--who loves fairy tales
Drawing by Aly Martin-6 years old–who loves fairy tales & UAB

Don’t you love stories with  happy endings?

Once upon a time in the sleepy village of Birmingham, Alabama, an evil UAB President Ray Watts (or his Trustee Roundtable) made the decision to terminate UAB football.

The UAB students took up arms, the faculty revolted, and the townspeople arose.

Chicken Little ran through the streets yelling, “The sky is falling—the sky is falling.” Continue reading The fairy tale story of Ray Watts and UAB football

UAB deserves better from Birmingham

UAB MascotWhen our Chamber of Commerce (BBA) visited Charlotte in 2004, we were greeted by the President of the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

Charlotte’s a city on fire, but the first words out the President’s mouth were, “We don’t have anything like UAB.”

Can you believe a great city like Charlotte is jealous of us?

But it appears by recent events we may be taking UAB for granted.

It’s been a few weeks since UAB decided to retain its football program, so I thought it might be healthy to take a moment to reflect. Continue reading UAB deserves better from Birmingham

3 Things Charles Barkley said about Birmingham

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley spoke to the Rotary Club of Birmingham in August.

So why did I wait so long to write about his talk?

I invited him to be a guest blogger on ComebackTown, but have had no luck so far.   In the meantime I thought it was important for everyone to hear what he had to say…and he did have a lot to say–particularly about Birmingham. Continue reading 3 Things Charles Barkley said about Birmingham