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It must SUCK to be a Birmingham hater

Rotary Trail
Rotary Trail

It must be depressing to be a Birmingham hater.

You guys can’t seem to get a break.

You can bitch and moan about Birmingham all you want, but the tide has turned against you.

It looks like “doodoo Birmingham,” one of our regular al.com anti-Birmingham commenters is in doodoo–himself.

We have been overrun with so much good news about Birmingham, it’s difficult to keep track.

Even our crime numbers are in free fall.

Birmingham’s 2013 crime numbers lowest in 30 years

Yes, this is the “lowest (serious crime) number reported since the FBI started tracking the numbers in its Uniform Crime Reporting data almost 30 years ago.”

Birmingham haters click on the headlines below and weep:  Continue reading It must SUCK to be a Birmingham hater

Thousands will move to downtown Birmingham

It’s easy to predict the future of Birmingham.

Birmingham’s usually the last to do just about everything.  So if you want to see what’s about to happen, all you have to do is look elsewhere.

When I was Chairman of Operation New Birmingham (ONB) in 1995, CBS42 was desperately trying to build viewership for their newscast.  They were practicing “guerilla journalism” to try to shock and surprise people to build audience.

One day at a public ONB function, a news reporter from TV42 unexpectedly thrust a microphone in my face and asked, Continue reading Thousands will move to downtown Birmingham