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Gene Hallman: 5 myths about a Birmingham dome

Gene Hallman
Gene Hallman, President and CEO of Bruno Event Team

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Today’s guest blogger is Gene Hallman.  If you’d like to be a guest blogger, please click here.

They said no one would go to Railroad Park.

They said no one would go watch the Barons play baseball downtown.

They said downtown was dead.

Guess what?  They were wrong.

Now it’s time to talk about our biggest and most rewarding project.

The dome to some people is a foul four-letter word.  Arguably, the dome, or the multi-purpose facility, is the most hotly and widely debated project in the history of Birmingham.  More than 18 years in the making, the quest for the dome has become a very emotional issue.  Allow me to discuss some of the misconceptions surrounding this project. Continue reading Gene Hallman: 5 myths about a Birmingham dome