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Birmingham’s bright young future

Birmingham Regions Field Sign
Regions Field Sign (Mark Almond al.com)

I’m regularly asked, “Are you optimistic or pessimistic about Birmingham?

I always respond, ‘optimistic.’

The reason I’m optimistic is because we have a unique advantage.

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VJ Graffeo dreams of Birmingham being an “it” city


V.J. Graffeo

Comebacktown published by David Sher & Phyllis Neill to begin a discussion on creating better government for our region.

Today’s guest blogger is V.J Graffeo, a young professional.

I’m a Birmingham homer.  I drink the Magic City Kool-Aid in such excess that I am often blind to our blemishes, dreaming that perhaps that just one day, we will transform into an “it” city.  Continue reading VJ Graffeo dreams of Birmingham being an “it” city