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Why would a leech kill its host?

I continue to get e-mails and blog comments from folks who live outside Birmingham and Jefferson County and wish the worst for us.

Here’s a comment I received from a prominent Shelby County business person…

“We make money when businesses move from Jefferson to Shelby.” Continue reading Why would a leech kill its host?

Go home and get your act together!

Senator's Shelby and Sessions are always telling Birmingham to speak with one voice

Our BBA (Chamber of Commerce) takes a trip to Washington every year to visit our Alabama Senators and Congressmen and to lobby for legislation and money.

The BBA prepares a priority agenda and typically a small group of business leaders, politicians, and staff fly to DC to make their request. Continue reading Go home and get your act together!

Can our suburbs survive if Birmingham is a donut hole?

I live in Vestavia Hills—I don’t really want to live around a donut hole.

The numbers are frightening.

Birmingham’s population fell…