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Time for Birmingham to embrace our civil rights past

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham’s been called the ‘city of perpetual promise.’

But that potential seems to elude us.

Destiny, however, has dealt us a hand and it’s up to us to grab it.

If we want to make our mark on the world then we must identify how we’re unique and how we can exploit that uniqueness. Continue reading Time for Birmingham to embrace our civil rights past

Birmingham: We can change the world

Andrea L. Taylor, President and CEO Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
Andrea L. Taylor, President & CEO Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

ComebackTown is published by David Sher to begin a discussion on a better Birmingham.

Today’s guest blogger is Andrea Taylor..  If you’d like to be a guest blogger, please click here.

Wish me happy anniversary.  I’m celebrating my first year in Birmingham this month.

I’ve lived, worked, and traveled the U.S. and visited more than 70 countries on seven continents.

I see Birmingham through a unique lens and have been made to feel very welcome here.

If  asked about the history of Birmingham, you might tell me about Bull Connor, dogs and hoses, or the 1963 church bombing.

You might feel embarrassed about Birmingham and prefer the world forgets.

However, Birmingham’s tortuous history may be our biggest strength. Continue reading Birmingham: We can change the world

Birmingham’s back–tell the world

Regions Field first night fireworks

We need your help.

We’d like you to take action.

Do you know what’s really wrong with Birmingham?

We concentrate on our shortcomings and don’t celebrate our victories.

A funny thing happened while we were wallowing in self-pity. Continue reading Birmingham’s back–tell the world