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Atlanta loses Super Bowl–Birmingham biggest loser

Super BowlThe Atlanta Falcons suffered an agonizing defeat to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

It was a stinging loss that Atlanta fans will remember for years to come.

But as a city, Atlanta should be proud.   Not only did Atlanta have an opportunity to compete in one of the biggest sporting events in the world, but it hosted the Super Bowl in 2000 and will again in 2019. Continue reading Atlanta loses Super Bowl–Birmingham biggest loser

Atlanta more screwed up than Birmingham

Atlanta traffic
Atlanta traffic can sometimes be out of control

I have mixed emotions about Atlanta.

There’s no doubt I feel a certain amount of envy —probably because I grew up in the ‘50’s when Birmingham and Atlanta were about the same size. I have fond memories of my dad taking me to Rickwood Field to root for the Birmingham Barons when we played the evil Atlanta Crackers in Southern League baseball. Continue reading Atlanta more screwed up than Birmingham

Is Birmingham destined to become a suburb of Atlanta?

The Southeast in 2060
The Southeast in 2060

Folks in Birmingham squabble a lot, but there’s one thing we agree on —none of us want Birmingham to become another Atlanta.

Because the growth of metropolitan Birmingham has been so slow, I haven’t spent much time worrying about Birmingham getting too big.  In fact, I’ve been much more concerned about Birmingham staying the size of Birmingham.

Then I read that researchers from North Carolina State project that the South’s explosive growth rate for the past 60 years will continue and metropolitan Birmingham could be part of an “urban megalopolis” by 2060. Continue reading Is Birmingham destined to become a suburb of Atlanta?

What Birmingham can learn from Ferguson Missouri

St. Louis
St. Louis

In September of 2002 Dave Adkisson, the then President of our Birmingham Area Chamber of Commerce (now BBA), and I got up for an early morning jog.  We were two of approximately one hundred Birmingham political and community leaders who had traveled to St. Louis to learn about the city and the Edward Jones Dome—home of the St. Louis Rams.

It was really dark and foggy that morning and we got lost.  When we asked some local joggers for directions, they were curious  as to why we were in St. Louis.

When we told them we came to learn about their city, they responded with an incredulous, “You want to learn about St. Louis?” Continue reading What Birmingham can learn from Ferguson Missouri

Atlanta embarrassed–Birmingham soars

Birmingham snow storm
Birmingham Snow storm

“There was no coordination around school closings, because there are more than two-dozen city and county school systems in “__________.” There was little coordination between highway clearance and service to city streets because “_________” is comprised of dozens of municipalities connected by state and federal highway systems.”

Was this written about Birmingham?  Nope, this was written about “Atlanta.”  Continue reading Atlanta embarrassed–Birmingham soars