At long last Birmingham students have options

Felicia Huntley
Felicia Huntley

Today’s guest blogger is Felicia Huntley.

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I wish the same thing for my son as you wish for yours.

I want for my son to have a chance in life.

I know he will never be successful without a quality education.

I live within the city limits of Birmingham, and up until now, parents have had very few educational options for their children.

My son graduated from Foundations Early Learning Academy K4 program, and I was determined to keep him in a healthy learning environment.

I’m not originally from Birmingham, but I heard and experienced some of the woes of the other school systems throughout the city.

I became worried about where I would place my child for Kindergarten, especially since I was a single parent with moderate income. I knew that I would not be able to pay a substantial amount to send my son to school.

I had been following the news about Legacy Prep, a new charter school opening in Birmingham. However, Legacy Prep had already begun registration and I was prayerful that it was not too late.

I called Legacy Prep in June and spoke with Mrs. Jonta Morris. I was relieved that they were not full, and they were still accepting PREPsters! I applied immediately and followed up the next day to make sure that my son’s information had been received. The lottery was the following week, and my son was accepted!

Mrs. Morris assured me that she was serious about “disrupting” the education system and being a voice of positive change. Mrs. Morris’s passion for better schools through “intentional learning”, community building, and parent participation resonates throughout the school. She motivated me to be even more involved with Legacy Prep.

I soon spoke with her about my willingness to serve, and I have been an advocate for Legacy Prep ever since! I know that when a person with her willingness and determination is at the head of the operation that she will surround herself with like-minded individuals. Her spark definitely flows through her team because it shows in my son.

I enjoy the Legacy Prep Village! It is great having an open line of communication with everyone involved with my son whether it is a teacher, guide, or administrator. The school allows parents to come in and engage with our children inside the classroom.

It is very beneficial that they group students based on their current levels to enhance their opportunity to excel. There are many other activities such as: daily affirmations, Unity Saturdays, JOYfest, and monthly Meet and Greets with the Principal. This helps create a real “village” for our youth and gives many opportunities for families to engage.

Legacy Prep is a beacon for positive change in the education system! They truly understand the importance of building a village for our youth and strengthening the community.

Felicia Huntley is Chair of EMPOWERed Voices of Legacy Prep, where she volunteers to facilitate parent-led initiatives and advocate for Legacy Prep. When she is not serving at school, she is a full time mother and entrepreneur.

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One thought on “At long last Birmingham students have options”

  1. Public schools are government schools.
    Charter schools are government schools.
    We need a separation of school and state.
    Our children need vouchers.

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