Strong as Steel–a great new song for Birmingham

Chris Wood
Chris Wood, Musician & lover of all things Birmingham

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Editor’s note: Never expected to hear a song about Birmingham’s civil rights struggle written and performed by a young white male from Helena.  View & listen to Chris’ new song (below)–it will make you stomp your feet and be proud…

People often have conversations about what they love regarding different cities that they live in or have visited. “Oh, you’ve got to visit Chicago, the architecture is amazing!”… “Man, there’s so much history in Boston!”… “Seattle is just such a cool, hip place.”… You know, sometimes it’s hard to remember that the city we get to live in and be a part of is pretty awesome too.

The truth is, when you really think about what all Birmingham has gone through, and where it looks like we’re headed, it’s a pretty exciting place to live. The recent revitalization of downtown has really added a fresh sense of life to our city. Some of those thoughts inspired this song that I wrote about our city. Check out the lyrics below, listen along, and take some pride in this great city we call home.

 “Strong as Steel” – by Chris Wood

Right in the center of the Cotton State

You could ride the rails to a unique place

With a budding promise of industrial fate

The hope of a brand new life awaits

 The population grew with speed

But racial divides began to impede

With a letter from jail Martin Luther King

Voiced that nothing should crush his dream


Cause we’re a city that’s strong as steel

Even though you might try, you ain’t gonna break this will

This Magic City will be here still

Through thick and thin Birmingham will persevere


Change takes time through bombs and arrests

Unequal treatment and civil rights protests

But we’ve moved forward through many regrets

With a new clear vision and a hope for progress


Now our beautiful city just continues to evolve

With its parks, museums and restaurants

You’ll find the friendliest people on the streets you walk

Cause we’re all here to ignite the spark

 I think something big is on the rise for this city that loves and this city that tries

An inspiring place in this nation’s eyes of the good that comes from a city revived

Chris Wood is a native Alabamian who lives in Helena with his wife, Kaley. He is an educator, coach, musician, amateur cook, traveler and lover of all things Birmingham.

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