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What folks in Mt. Brook and Vestavia are losing

Mountain Brook
Mountain Brook

I’m uniquely qualified to write about living in Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills.

I grew up and raised my children in Mountain Brook and about ten years ago my wife and I moved to Vestavia.

People in Birmingham– whether they live in Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, or in Trussville–want the same thing—to be around family and to have good jobs.

However, that’s more difficult in metropolitan Birmingham than in many other Southern cities. Continue reading What folks in Mt. Brook and Vestavia are losing

Mt. Brook mini-crime spree

CrimeI’ve lived most of my life in the over the mountain communities of Mt. Brook and Vestavia Hills. I’ve worked most of my life in the City of Birmingham—primarily downtown.

I’ve never felt unsafe in the suburbs or in Birmingham.

Thanks to the resurgence of downtown, I now often find myself downtown in the evenings.  I’m usually more concerned about finding a parking place at night than I am about being a crime victim.

So it’s kind of surreal to watch a mini-crime spree unfold in Mt.Brook. Continue reading Mt. Brook mini-crime spree

Frizzy haired girl: Do I stay in Birmingham?

Katie Turpen
Katie Turpen

Comebacktown published by David Sher & Phyllis Neill to begin a discussion on better government for our region.

Today’s guest blogger is  Katie Turpen. (We love when young professionals are guest bloggers)

Growing up within the walls of Vestavia Hills, I was lost in a strange suburbia land. I claimed the city of Birmingham but didn’t see it as my home. I was an awkward teen searching for an identity beyond my mushroom mop and quite frankly, didn’t see a future where I was standing. Continue reading Frizzy haired girl: Do I stay in Birmingham?

Your local 911 call could kill you

Our government structure puts your life at risk

Will your 911 cell phone call save you in an emergency?

Maybe not if you’re calling from within our region.

I have a friend who witnessed a wreck near Blue Lake Road off of Hwy 280. He immediately dialed 911 but ran into a geographic overlap. Continue reading Your local 911 call could kill you

There’s no way in hell we’ll ever work together

Tornado strikes Birmingham, April, 2011, but governments still don't cooperate


Leadership Birmingham is a diverse group of Birmingham citizens who are selected each year to study Birmingham’s problems and opportunities and then go out and make a difference.

I was in the class of 1992 and when I graduated I asked the business leader who was delivering the commencement speech, “Why doesn’t Birmingham consider combining its city and county government?” Continue reading There’s no way in hell we’ll ever work together

Can our suburbs survive if Birmingham is a donut hole?

I live in Vestavia Hills—I don’t really want to live around a donut hole.

The numbers are frightening.

Birmingham’s population fell…